Viral Video Claiming Narayana Murthy Has Launched A Trading Platform Is Fake

RAM’s antivirus team discovered that it was a fake claiming that the audio was from the viral video.

A video claiming that Infosys co-founder Narayan Murthy would launch an AI-based trading platform to “help Indians earn a stable passive income” is part of a fake phishing scam. The video shows Murthy speaking to journalists with overlaid audio claiming that he has launched a new trading platform.

This article is a hyperlink to a web page made to look like Indian Express news with the headline “Just in: Narayan Murthy reveals the secret to making ordinary Indians rich”. The article, with a photo of Narayan Murthy, talks about how he invested “$3,000,000” and created a new trading platform called “BTC iPlex Ai”. He then talks about the benefits of registration.

Check that the video there shows what scammers do.

The video was shared with the caption: Iplex AI has already changed the lives of many other Indians who have earned Rs 100,750 in their bank account in a week by investing just Rs 25,000.

RAM Antivirus Research team check some fact

RAM Antivirus has detected that the video is fake and part of a phishing scam. Which impersonates news articles to look like verified articles. We first saw the video and noticed that it had the logo of Business Today, India Today’s business magazine, and that Narayan Murthy had a head with NASSCOM written on it.

Using this, we did a keyword search for “Business Today Narayana Murthy NASSCOM” and found the same video uploaded on YouTube by the verified channel of Business Today. The video was uploaded on March 3, 2023, with the title “This Is What N R Narayana Murthy Feels Is A New-Age Ponzi Scheme”. In the video, Murthy is not talking about a new trading platform but about the current state of the startup sector globally and in India.

We compared the audio of Murthy speaking in the original video with the audio from the viral video and found that they did not match. Both the voice and what is said are different. We reached out to experts to determine if the audio was a deepfake. We then reviewed the Indian Express article linked to the viral video and found that it was fake and only made to look like a news article from the media outlet. The style and language of the viral article do not match that of a real Indian Express story. Additionally, the article contains several spelling and grammatical errors, including the spelling of his last name, Murthy as Murti.

The URL of the article does not match that of the Indian Express media. The URL of the viral article is “” while the original is A Whois search of showed that he had been registered in 2023 to someone in Iceland.

A search on the Bitcoin app iPlex did not turn up any news articles or verified articles linking it to Infosys or Narayana Murthy.