Mumbai: Man unable to pay app loan, kin get morphed porn clip

Mumbai: Dozens of relatives lost a morphed pornographic clip. The 33-year-old man, who was angry after the leak to friends, rushed to the police station. Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally. Preliminary investigations have revealed that the online lender was the handiwork of the company’s executive. It is learn that an FIR has been lodge against the executive but it is still being investigate. About 12 to 13 relatives or friends of the complainant were sent three pornographic photographs. Among the recipients were four women. We have made allegations of sexual harassment under the IPC as these women were indirect victims, ”said Kedari Pawar Sir, app loan Chief Inspector, Mumbai Central GRP. The FIR, filed on Thursday, also provides for provisions in the Information Technology Act.

Last November, the man had also taken a loan of Rs 7,000 through an app run by a digital lending company. He followed due process, which involved submitting documents and photographs to the company. “These loans are disburse quickly without any paperwork or for a short period of time. The complainant could not repay the amount with interest within the specified reasons, ”said a police official. App officials have begun pursuing him for repayment. Complainant has made it clear that he is not in a position to repay as he does not have enough money.

Authorities pressured him, but he turned off the phone.

Authorities pressured him, but he turned off the phone. Last month, his relatives and friends also started getting pornographic pictures from unknown phone numbers, forcing him to go to the police. When the man contact the local police in Vasai-Virar. he was referr to the GRP as he had gone through the loan application process while at Dadar station. In a separate case earlier this week, Andheri GRP arrested a teenage debt recovery agent in Karnataka for morphing a woman’s image. When the woman was unable to repay the loan online, her cousin also bombarded her with pornographic videos. A text message was also sent calling the woman a “sex worker.” So the police found the number and registered it in the name of a senior citizen. His 19-year-old nephew was also using the handset.

A 33-year-old man in Mumbai was target by cyber fraudsters for giving small loans. But those on his phone’s contact list did so by broadcasting a pornographic video morphed with his photos. When the man could not return the money, police said.
According to the complaint, in November last year, he had taken a loan of Rs 7,000 through online transactions. While submitting the documents for the loan, he was granted access to the simple list on his phone. When he failed to return the money, the recovery agents morphed his photographs into a pornographic video and sent it to several of his contacts.