Lets us Know more about Free and Premium Antivirus Software then you will surely find the answer that Do I need Paid Antivirus Software

Free Antivirus Software

You’ve probably heard the saying “Nothing is truly free online!”, and that’s true. Your PC may come up with free antivirus software or you can download it online for security intent. So It is Astonishing that how they make money from Free Antivirus software?

Apparently, it seems just by offering their users to upgrade their free software to a paid plan. But some fraudulent service providers also earn money by selling this confidential information to third-party companies for Targeted advertising and money laundering intent.

No one likes to work for free, So let’s see how they are earning money by their phony free software

  1. Changing Your Default Search Engine: These Companies change your default search engine or browser with their chosen browser and then they earn money when you click on the ads. These browsers apparently look like they are safe and private but actually not.
  2. Changing Your Homepage: For Driving Traffic to their selective websites, they use to change your homepage to earn money by advertising you. So don’t be amazed if some websites stick to your home page and always notify you about new posts
  3. Junk ware: Some Junk wares are created by programmers for numerous purposes. Some of These free antivirus companies are paid by the programmers, per junkware installation on your computer.
  4. Tracking: How easy will it be for someone who knows your interests & your browsing habits.
  5. Up-Selling: Selling some of their products to earn money.

So why you should trust this software, the best programs are never free. Let us know more.

Premium antivirus software- Do I need Paid Antivirus Software

Do you know what premium antivirus software is? Let’s find out! Premium antivirus software is different than free ones. It offers advanced features that allow it to protect against malware, ransomware, and any other type of malicious activity. You can rest easy knowing that your computer has the best protection available and best of all, it can’t slow down your device at all while doing so. Some of its features are,

  1. Malware Protection: When it comes to the internet, there are few things more important than security. A recent survey from Pew Research found that 73% of Americans have been victims of malware, while 64% of Americans say they often feel vulnerable on the internet. No one wants to be a victim And luckily for us, there are a number of top-notch security programs available on the market today that will help you keep your information safe from harm.
  2. Defense Against Hackers:  Security is one of the most important topics for a company. There are numerous hacks on the internet that target valuable information. It’s no secret that hackers have been successful in attacking major companies, celebrities, and even political figures this year.
  3. Web browsing protection: In order to browse the internet, our default set of settings allows for us to be tracking and monitoring by any number of third parties. These could be advertisers or just general snoops that want to know what we’re up to
  4. Parental Control: This Premium Antivirus software not only provides security but also parental controls to block inappropriate content for your children
  5. Safe Banking: Almost everyone is using net banking and this must be safe. Your Financial details have secured by antivirus software.
  6. Tech Support: the Best of Premium Antivirus software is their real-time tech support. They solve your technical problems and also provide free routine checkup for errorless protection
  7. Lightweight software: best of all, it can’t slow down your device at all while doing so. These are lightweight software
  8.  Free Trial: Premium Antivirus Software Provides unconditional Free Trial for user satisfaction

Conclusion: Do I need Paid Antivirus Software, Off course yes…!

Do I need Paid Antivirus SoftwareAbout RAM ANTIVIRUS

Ram Antivirus provides you all features mentioned ahead. This Antivirus is one of the most efficient software that offers the best ransomware protection, password manager, and disk protection with excellent malware protection and a program that is easy to install and use, even if you are not very tech-savvy. The best part is its affordable price and free one-month trial.